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A comprehensive curriculum

We aim to provide firm foundations in knowledge alongside challenge for all children, which will also complement learning in school.  

Workbooks & Resources

Galore Park revision guides provide the foundation for practice exercises, alongside homework and assessments based on the GL assessment criteria. Weekly homework tasks are provided to ensure children have the opportunity to consolidate new skills.

Monthly Assessments

A monthly assessment provides your child with the test practice needed for the big day, and anonymised data sheets provide you with an idea of how your child is faring against the cohort.

Mock Examinations

Written by specialist 11+ authors, and utilising OMR software, our mock exams are as close to the real thing as possible. Held in one of the formal exam venues, the tests are designed to emulate the real experience, providing invaluable experience for your child and test data for you.


Vocabulary knowledge forms a significant  part of the 11+ test, so high frequency words and an online platform is provided to encourage and enhance your child's learning of new words. This will support their learning in school.

August Summer School

This August course includes bespoke revision and test practice, to support children in filling any gaps in their knowledge and to practise the trickier skills in the test. A carefully designed well-being day will include discussions, mindfulness, art-based therapy and a specialist test technique toolbox for children to draw from on the day.

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